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Christians are killed

are abducted

Christians are
detained and imprisoned

churches are attacked

What I am agreeing to?

  1. Thank the UK Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, for announcing a policy review and his resolve to address this issue. 

  2. Ask the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to convene an emergency international summit, hosted in London, in response to the devastating violence against Christians in Nigeria’s Middle Belt.

  3. Appeal to the Government of Nigeria to rescue Leah Sharibu and other kidnapped girls through a negotiation with Boko Haram.

  4. Request the UK Government to coordinate an international effort that allows Christians and other religious minorities in Iraq & Syria to return and rebuild their lives in safety.  

  5. Call for the UK Government to provide support to Christians in Pakistan, especially those on death row for blasphemy charges. 

  6. Request the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Department for International Development to speak up for the forgotten Christian minorities of Myanmar.

  7. Ask the UK Government to promote religious tolerance of and justice for Coptic Christians in Egypt.

  8. Call for UK diplomats to protect the rights of Christian workers to practice their faith in states such as Saudi Arabia.

  9. Ask the Department for International Trade to require Free Trade Agreement signatories – and other large trading partners such as India and China to recognise the right to convert, as set out in article 18 of the UN’s International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR).

  10. Request the Department for International Development to ensure aid reaches persecuted Christians and require international NGOs to consider religious vulnerability in their definition of ‘need’. 

  11. Call on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to set up a fund to help with legal fees and access to justice and protection, named after Asia Bibi.

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Stop Christophobia campaign
Stop Christophobia by Premier

The UK Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has announced a review into how the UK Government supports and treats persecuted Christians worldwide and has invited the UK Christian community to respond.

This campaign allowed users to make their feelings known easily alongside thousands of others, so they won’t be ignored!

The Christophobia campaign had one objective: to let local MPs and the Foreign Secretary know you wanted them to take action to protect persecuted Christians

This is what you are telling your MP and the UK Government.

Globally over 245 million Christians* face high levels of persecution. I therefore welcome the policy review announced by the Foreign Secretary and support the 11 aims of the ‘Stop Christophobia’ campaign.

I ask the British Government to implement these aims and take urgent action to support, protect and advocate for persecuted Christians around the world.  

*Open Doors Report 2019